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Solarski Logistic Group

Express transport

SLG is a perfect choice for customers who require top values from their Hauliers - such as: commitment, competence and trust. We do realize that the time is very important in this business - which is why we always pay attention to use it productively. While we are taking care of Your transport - You have more chances to expand Your activity.

SLG Transport and Spedition

Zero risk

Each transport is covered by full insurance and GPS tracker


24/7 Service

Full security and faster delivery time


Up to date Fleet

Maximum age of a Van in our fleet is up to 4-5 years.



New ways for on time deliveries

SLG is specialised in express transport throughout the whole European Union. We deal with time critical transports where the goods must be delivered in 24/48 hours or less. The clue of our business are the Vans with a load capacity from 5 to 10 euro-pallets carrying weightloads up to 1200kg and sometimes also larger sets. We like to challange ourselves that is why we always look for solution - even with almost impossible to make tasks. SLG is providing its customer with comprehensive solution in transport - we can be Your long term partner working on regular basis but also You can reach for us anytime You have important, single job to make.



For our customers, we are not only a service provider but mostly a partner who understand their needs. We care about their products the same way as we would do for our own.






We are experts in providing suitable, customer-oriented logistics solutions. As a team, we try to be as flexible as possible, constantly improving and adapting to the needs of the market. Our mission is to provide high-quality services that gain trust and build long term relationship with our customers.




We believe that as an express transport company we have to be in constant contact with our customers. Therefore our qualified employees are always reachable (phonecall, Skype, Whatsapp, e-mail).




We know that for our customers every minute is crucial. Our team is always ready to answer all your questions within a few minutes - both about pricing inquiry or gaining information on current transports.


Transport and Spedition

Solarski Logistic Group


In Solarski Logistic Group we constantly work hard to make sure that the number of our satisfied customers is growing. That is why we focus on development of our services and reliability in everyday work. We started our activity in the transport business in early 2007 - at the beginning our company had only 5 Vans that were fully managed by Dutch forwarding. Two years later we came up with an idea to open our own logisitcs. Thanks to gained experience, competence and hard work, few years later we have build our own fleet, which we are developing until this day. Our company is also well known for its focusing on 2 very important aspects in transport business:
- safety of transport - (we got new, reliable fleet equipped with the newest GPS tracking system)
- full contact with the customer (our team is ready to answer Your questions at any time).

About us

SLG is specialised in express transport throughout the whole European Union. We deal with time critical transports - where the goods must be delivered in 24/48 hours or less.



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SLG sp. z o.o.
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