Our Fleet

Max weightload from 800kgs to even 24tons


Moving cargo


The clue of our business are the Vans with a load capacity from 5 to 10 euro-pallets carrying weightloads up to 1200kg and sometimes also larger sets. We like to challange ourselves that is why we always look for solution - even with almost impossible to make tasks. SLG is providing its customer with comprehensive solution in transport - we can be Your long term partner working on regular basis but also You can reach for us anytime You have important, single job to make.


Control and flexibility


Part of our team are dispatchers who have 24/7 control of vehicles and are able to provide You with needed information anytime.


GPS tracker


Wszystkie nasze pojazdy wyposażone są w systemy GPS, dlatego jesteśmy w stanie poinformować klienta o pozycji auta o każdej porze dnia i nocy.


Individual approach


Every transport is important for us and we treat  it individually - we have a specialized system of informing about the kilometers remaining to the place of delivery as well as loading and unloading process. Our freight forwarder, who is looking after Your transport, is always equipped in complete information and full control of it.

About us

SLG is specialised in express transport throughout the whole European Union. We deal with time critical transports - where the goods must be delivered in 24/48 hours or less.



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